Snow shoeing

Come to Ammarnäs and experience a day of snow shoeing

Snow shoeing is something completely new and appreciated by mostpeople
Photo: Guest Guidecenter, 2016 -A happy bunch at the top of the mountain Näsberget

A day like no other

Hiking, food and ice fishing

During the winter 2018 we once more offer our popular snow shoeing day trips.

We start by preparing everything the guests will need during the day. We ensure that equipment and food are in place when we come up to the mountain.

The tour starts in the village where we go through the equipment and then we head up the mountain Näsberget with the tarn Näsbergstjärnas final destination for the trek upward.

Ice fishing for char

Once we have arrived and had a breather, it's time to try the fishing luck. A crash course in ice fishing is of course a must to improve the odds. We have the knowledge and all the equipment you need.

After fishing the guide cooks food over an open fire and we assure that it tastes good after hiking and fishing. When the sun starts to set, we head back towards the village for a much easier hike home.


The base price for two people including snowshoes, poles, fishing equipment, fishing licenses, food and drink is 5500 SEK.

For each additional person joining the tour an extra 300 SEK is added which includes everything that is part of the base price.