Tjulån & the Vindel River

Grayling in the neighbourhood

The grayling fishing in Tjulån & the Vindel River is among the better you can find in Sweden.
Photo: Mikael Båth, 2014 - French guest with big grayling Above Järnforsen

Autumn grayling

Sjöforsen, Övre Sandsele, or mountain environment

When autumn arrives in earnest, all trout anglers head home, leaving our waters open for grayling fishermen. Fishing takes place during the daytime and mostly with small black dry flies. The closer we get to ice formation, the better the fishing tends to be, so take the opportunity to book an extra trip to Ammarnäs this autumn.

After the 14th of September, Sjöforsen costs no more than 200 SEK per person per day, which must be seen as a real bargain for the grayling angler. The grayling usually gather in the hundreds in the rapids, most of them large and autumn-fat, offering fantastic dry fly fishing.

If you want to experience mountain environments or try waters that Övre Sandsele helps with, we at Guidecenter are happy to assist with guidance and guiding.

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Tjulån from Guide Center to Tjulträsk

Tjulån equals good grayling fishing. The lower part of Tjulån flows past Guidecenter on its way to Gautsträsk. The estuary downstream Guidecenter offers good fishing throughout the season. This is where you can get in contact with the first grayling when they start their migration up the creek after the spring flood.

Upstream of Guidecenter we fish a stretch of about four kilometres before the rapid Storstensforsen puts a stop for the lower part of Tjulån. There are many great spots in this part of the river. The easiest way to reach the area is by parking at Ammarnas FCA's firewood supply and then cross the suspension bridge. On the south side of the river you can hike all the way up and reach all the great parties where the grayling holds.

We guide throughout this stretch.

The Vindel river

The Vindel River from Sjöforsen to Järnforsen

The rapid Sjöforsen is without doubt one of the best places a grayling fisherman can occupy. Large grayling from the neck and far down the rapid. We fish for big grayling in Sjöforsen all season but it's the autumn fishing that is closest to our hearts. Sjöforsen works equally well from both sides when fishing for grayling.

Downstream Sjöforsen to the end of Ammarnäs FCA (Above Järnforsen) features a number of good spots for the grayling fisherman. The slow water Ottosmoraselet, Lower Harabacken and Above Järnforsen are just three locations that the grayling fisherman should keep in mind. If you’re primarily looking for Ammarnäs Trout, you should still bring your grayling rod in your back pocket. To say the least, the grayling fishing is a nice break from the heavier trout fishing, even though it’s the big trout that’s looming on the horizon.

We guide throughout this whole stretch.

Inland grayling

Kraddsele, Övre sandsele & Giertsbäcken

There are numerous good grayling waters along the road to Sorsele. Photo: Mikael Båth, 2015

Kraddsele & Övre sandsele

The Vindel River from Järnforsen to Övre Sandsele

From Järnforsen, Kraddsele SFF connects and fishing is just as good downstream Ammarnäs FCA. It’s a must for those who are looking for grayling and Ammarnäs Trout. Join us at Guidecenter and purchase your fishing license as we provide tips for good areas to fish in.

We guide throughout this whole stretch.


Giertsbäcken above and below the power plant dam

All water in Ammarnäs is completely unregulated and therefore vulnerable to rainfall. Usually this is no problem and you adapt to prevailing conditions. If fishing isn’t possible, we have a number of options a bit inland offering first class fishing.

The creek Giertsbäcken is a gem that almost always provides good fishing for the visitors. Below the dam is an area we use quite often. It’s perfect for families and groups who are looking for a good day with good and comfortable fishing. Above the dam, we find larger fish which requires a bit more from the fisherman, both as for technique and mobility since you hike longer distances in this part of Giertsbäcken.

We guide throughout this whole stretch.