Sjöforsen 2018

Guidecenter offers an exclusive fishing bySjöforsen

Sjöforsen is one of the best stretches to fish for grayling and trout
Photo: Peter Schmitt, 2016 -drilling of Ammarnäs Trout in the middle of Sjöforsen

An exclusive fishing

The entire Sjöforsen with guide for yourself

In the summer of 2018, we offer our guests the opportunity to book Sjöforsen with guide before the general reservation begins on the first of January 2018.

We sell exclusive packages where the entire Sjöforsen is included for one to six fishermen. You can choose between a package with accommodation, or just one day by Sjöforsen. Besides an experienced guide who’s familiar with each burrow and rock in the rapid, you get really good food made on a Muurikka and the pot with Lemmel boiled coffe is there all day.

The number of fishing days that we can offer with priority, are strongly limited so make sure you book in advance before New Year. Call us at +4673-084 7033 for more information and booking.

Packages with accommodation

You and your party of up to eight people live in our apartment above Guidecenter for a week.

Guidecenter’s staff takes care of you in the best way and you’ll get a two-hour’s guided introductory tour within the area surrounding Ammarnäs so that you may start fishing right away on arriving at Ammarnäs.

We spend one of the week’s days by Sjöforsen and the rest of the time you fish on your own and / or hikeone of our surrounding trails.

A full day by Sjöforsen

You and your party has the entire Sjöforsen for yourselves from eight o'clock in the morning until midnight. The guide is with you for eight hours and you, as customer, choose when you want the guide available.

During the day you can try some of the Ammarnäs Trout but normally grayling is in focus in daytime. Both the neck and the rapids hold really big grayling and most of the time pure dry fly fishing applies here.

In the evening, after a good dinner, and at dusk we target on a more concentrated fishing for the Ammarnäs Trout that always await in Sjöforsen.

Prices 2018

A package with accommodation for up to eight people for a week and a fishing license for Sjöforsen with guide and food are 13650 SEK. The price of the guided tour includes two people. Extra people are charged a supplement of 300 SEK per person. The package also includes a two-hour’s guided introductory tour within Ammarnäs FCA. Besides Sjöforsen one preferably complement with a weekly license for Ammarnäs public waters and it costs 650 SEK per person. Children and adolescents up to 16 fish with their parent’s license within Ammarnäs public waters.

A full day package by Sjöforsen with guide and food for two people costs 6500 SEK. For additional persons, a supplement of 300 SEK per person is charged.