Bistro with local ingredients

Bistro & shop withsupreme quality

During off seasonGuidecenter is open on demand. Check us out on Facebook for more info about after work etc.

Shop & Bistro


We serve a homelymenu with food cookedall the way with the best local ingredients. Fjällvilt and the bakery in Sorsele assure thatonly top qualitydishesleave the kitchen.

On the menueyou findhamburgers made from beef and reindeer meat.Sautéed elk and reindeer meat in many different versions.Our classic Fisherman’s pasta is a big seller often combined with ice cream and hot cloudberries for dessert.Vegetarians and vegans are offered our Beluga steak with a clear potatosalad.

If you so wish we naturally have beer and wine to the courses.About ten different brands from lagers to gutsy IPAs.The wines are handpickedto match our courses that often include smoked meat or fish.

The shop

In our shop,you’ll find stuff for hiking and fishing during the summer. In the winter,we change the assortment for cold and ice fishing.

The hiker finds freeze-dried food, gas, Lemmel coffee, mosquito repellent, mugs and plenty of other stuff that might come in handy during the hike.

Just as for the kitchen we only sell top quality items in the shop. Brands like Patagonia, Scientific Anglers, Lamson/Waterworks and Guideline is a warrantyfor customer satisfaction.

We have flies for all our waters. For example,we have tube flies fromUlf Lundmark’s and Mikael Båth’s different special patterns like Special Pupa, the Spider Series, LL Caddis and LL Emerger in the assortment.