3 & 7-day package all inclusive

Peter fishes gryling in Sjöforsen
Photo: x, 2017

Our complete packages

7 days

Seven days of fishing with everything included. Accommodation, meals, fishing licenses, transportation and guides. You only need to bring yourself and your fly fishing rod.

Fishing waters
We fish the absolutely best water for that particular day. It may be nearby or a hundred kilometres away, the best fishing is what counts. Vindelån, Tjulån, the Vindel River, Laisan, Geirtsbäcken, Hemligjaure or Hemligbäcken are only a few of the available options.

Ammarnäs is unique in as far as you’ll always find good fishing within a day’s trip. Our guides, with many years’experience from Västerbotten waters, will help you to the best fishing.

You live well with us in Ammarnäs. Either you stay in our large flat on top of the Guidecenter, close to food and staff, or we choose one of our many cabins if you prefer a more secluded accomodation. Whatever you choose, we guarantee a high quality accommodation.

We eat the food in our bistro when we are nearby. If you stay in a cottage, you have breakfast that you prepare yourselves, we deliver everything to the door. If you live in our flat, you have breakfast in our bistro, prepared and ready. We normally have lunch outside by some fishing water and then a first class dinner awaits us upon returning to the village in the late afternoon.

Fishing licenses
All necessary fishing licenses are included in the price, except for special tours that you can choose as an add-on option to the base package. More about this further down.

Our packages include one day with a guide by any of the special stretches Sjöforsen, Järnforsen or Övreforsen. To be able to fish special stretches, they must be available when booking your package. The sooner you book, the better choices.

Car is a necessity and either you go with today’s guide or you drive your own vehicle. The choice is yours and somewhat depending on how many we are.

Our guides have vast experience of the waters in Ammarnäs and its surroundings. They all have at least ten years’ experience of fishing in the proximity, on the mountain, Hemligjaure and other watrers a bit further away.


The three day tour is a short version of the one week package. Everything included in the one week package is also part of our three-day package. We usually organize accomodation in a cottage since the flat is tougher to let out for short term rental, but nothing is set in stone here at Guidecenter.

Call us and we'll talk more about how we can arrange things for you and your group. Experience has taught us to be extremely flexible because in the end it's always about that you as a customer will get the most out of your stay with us at Guidecenter in Ammarnäs.

Larger groups
The price of our packages is based on three fishermen plus guide. If you are part of a larger group, we’ll naturally deal with it and than you’ll get in contact with you to discuss details and prices.

We happily arrange tours where some of the participants are experienced fishermen, while others are sheer beginners. We may fish some different locations not to be in one’s ways, and then we get together for coffee and meals.