Exclusive waters far up in the mountains

Together with Vindelfjällen’s Samecenter we can offer exclusive fishing around Ammarnäs in the Vindel mountains.
Photo: Peter Schmitt, 2016 - A colorful char

Ice fishing at its best

Full day tours on the mountain

During winter 2019, we offer arctic char fishing at its best. The combination of local knowledge and service give you and your company good preconditions for a successful day on the mountain. All our guides have great knowledge of life on the mountain so that you always can feel safe even if it’s far to the village.

We start the day by taking snowmobiles or helicopters up to our exemption waters where we will spend the day with ice fishing and community.

We have access to several different waters, which all hold very nice stocks of arctic char. If you don’t have your own equipment Guidecenter will provide it and the guide will help you to a successful fishing.

We always cook food over an open fire on our tours, because it is simply tastes best. Hot beverages and comfortable reindeer hides are obvious companions during the day.

Open space

A trip up the mountain for char fishing is not just fishing. The nature experience, companionship, food and everything else create an overall experience that is tough to beat.

At Guidecenter we always do what we can to make our guests feel happy when they think about their stay with us. We simply want you as a guest to feel good with us, really good.


The base price for two people all-inclusive except snowmobile is 5 500 SEK.

For each additional person accompanying the trip there is a cost of 1 250 SEK.

Renting a snowmobile costs 1 200 SEK plus petrol.

If you need clothes to cope on the winter mountain, a complete equipment costs 350 SEK per person.

We often have the finest mountain days in May. At this time of the year, we use a helicopter to get up to the lakes. Contact us for quotation on the finest winter fishing.