Bird watching

Experience the rich birdlife in Ammarnäs

A European golden plover is scouting the delta
Photo: Hans Lindborg


Bird watching

May 15-18 and May 20-23 2023
Join an inspiring birdwatching weekend in Ammarnäs and an exclusive opportunity to see the rare and endangered lesser white-fronted goose stop over on its way to the nesting sites in the inaccessible wetlands of the mountains. We also meet greater scaups, rough-legged buzzards bluethroats, Lapland longspurs, Siberian jays and much more.

Day 1
Check in at Guidecenter in Ammarnäs where lunch is served at 1:00 pm. You are welcomed by our birdwatchers Christer Olsson and Nisse Karlsson. In the afternoon, we climb the so-called Potatisbacken (the Potato hill), where we look out over the bird-rich delta and then do a tour of Ammarnäs surroundings. Dinner at Guidecenter.

Day 2
After breakfast, we head off to the bird tower in the Ammarnäs delta, where the rare lesser white-fronted geese feed in the old meadows. We meet wetland birds such as long-tailed duck, greater scaups, common redshanks, common greenshanks and arctic terns. Then lunch break, followed by afternoon excursion. Christer and Nisse tell you what you want to know about the birds we see! Dinner at Guidecenter.

Day 3
After breakfast, we go to the large and bird-rich lake, Tjulträsket. In addition to miscellaneous ducks and waders, we meet several passerines such as the Lapland longspur, the bluethroat and some birds of prey. If circumstances permit, those who want to climb the mountain Gaisats for more exciting bird encounters. After that lunch break and then afternoon excursion. Dinner at Guidecenter.

Day 4
Coffee / tea and a sandwich. Thereafter awaits free-time activities, such as visiting one of the birding sites you want to see again or why not visit a Sámi handcrafter co-lover or the local game meat producer! Brunch at 11 o'clock. Then, ending and journey home for those who like, others can stay for own activities.

SEK 5,995 per person. Accommodation in hostel (bring bed linen & towel). The price includes accommodation, all meals mentioned (at Guidecenter or outdoors) and bird guides. Room cleaning is done by the participant or for a fee.

Participant info
The event is both for beginners and more experienced who, under expert guidance, want to discover the interesting birds seen in Ammarnäs. Participants: Max 14 people (first come first served ...)! The participant arranges transport to and from Ammarnäs (not included in the price). The bus departs from Umeå bus station at 07:10 a.m and reaches Ammarnäs at 12:30 p.m. Carpooling can probably be arranged.

Nisse Karlsson works at Umeå School of Natural Sciences and has a very long experience of the bird life in the mountain regions and mainly the Ammarnäs area, and is a multi-annual tour operator. Christer Olsson, Umeå, has been a bird guide, conducted bird lectures for 30 years and published the book "Västerbotten's birds" with the photographer Jörgen Wiklund. Registration and questions to: Nisse Karlsson: tel +46 (0)70-698 6488 or Christer Olsson: tel +46 (0)70-372 7935.