Trout in Vindelån

Crystal clear water and skittish trout

Here the depth is actually a bit more than a meter, but the clear water deceives the eye.
Photo: Mikael Båth, 2015 - Downstream our cabin by Vindelån

Trout fishing in crystal clear water

The Vindel River

A refined trout fishing in crystal clear water. We call the Vindel River upstream Ammarnäs Vindelån to easily distinguish the different waters. The stretch downstream of Rävfallet includes everything from torrents to calm stretches of smooth water. The daytime fishing is a challenge. You have to move cautiously, wait, choose fly and wait some more before casting towards the rising trout.

The evening fishing usually offers bigger fish and you can move a little more freely but you have to wade very carefully not to intimidate the trout. Under the cover of darkness, the larger trout are likely to move down to the necks and then offer thrilling fly fishing.

Between Vitnjul and Rävfallet there are many fine stretches and here the State’s National Mountain fishing license applies. The distance from Höbäcken to Vitnjul is about 15 kilometres. The reward is that you get to fish for nice trout, usually all by yourself since many people don’t have the energy to hike up to this part of Vindelån.

Take the opportunity to fish in Vindelån when you visit Ammarnäs because it’s a fantastic trout water!

Vindelån with guide & cabin

Our guides have many years’ experience of trout fishing and can help you to a better fishing in Vindelån. You can hire a guide for a few hours or you buy a package where we stay overnight in the cabin by the creek.

A normal guided tour starts after lunch when we hike up to the cabin from Höbäcken. When we’ve installed ourselves, we decide on fishing tactics according to weather, water level and insects. We fish in the immediate area during the afternoon and make plans for the evening fishing. After a good dinner at the cabin, we take it easy for a while before we begin the evening's fishing.

The day after we have breakfast, get the cabin order and make a final turn in the creek before it’s time to hike back towards Höbäcken.