A full day with your guide

An experienced guide will increase the profits of the fishing

A full day with the guide to yourselves.
Photo: Mikael Båth, 2015 - A group of fishermen is scanning Tjulån for the big fish

Guided tour full day

Grayling and trout

We guide just as happily for grayling as for trout fishing. We have excellent flowing waters for both species, and the day trip is very much the same.

To begin with we meet at Guidecenter where we decide on where to fish for the day and make sure that we bring both flies, food and fishing licenses in the car before setting off.

Once by the water, we start to fish and find out where the fish is holding, which flies they want and the best fishing tactics for that particular stretch. The guide is with you all the time and helps out when needed. The spirit should always be on top.

Depending on weather and fishing we have lunch during the session or we choose to finish off eating after a day of fine hatchings. Towards the late afternoon, we head back to Guidecenter where we round off the tour and make plans for next day's fishing.

Ammarnäs Trout

In August, when the nights get longer and the fishing is increasingly focused on day fishing, it might be a good idea to have a guide throughout the day. Then we try out a number of different spots that we fish practically. Our experienced guides will show and explain exactly how to fish the various parts of the river to maximize chances of getting in contact with the Ammarnäs Trout.

Of course, we eat good food from the muurikka and warm us with coffee if needed. Occassionally we just sit and study the water for a while to be able to fish a stretch as efficiently as possible. The key to a successful fishing for Ammarnäs Trout is that you don’t beat the water but instead perform shorter sessions that are well planned.

All Guidecenter guides have vast experience of Ammarnäs Trout, as well of catching it themselves as of landing the guests’ dreamfish in the safest way. You’ll be confident with your Guidecenter guide.

Day trip on the mountain

A fishing trip in a mountain environment doesn’t necessarily include a helicopter since there are a number of fine waters in 2-9 kilometres walking distance from the road. We gladly arrange full-day tours to the mountains if you as customer prefer that and the weather is favorable.

We have access to a number of waters and practical knowledge of the waters within the State’s territory (the Mountain fishing license). Mountain water can often be a bit more complicated to initially grasp and that's where the guide comes into the picture. All Guidecenter guides have extensive experience of the bare mountain. We know how to behave when the weather turns, we find our way home even if conditions turn difficult and know what mountain safety means.

Going up the mountain one day is a bit of a lottery since the weather can turn quickly but we always try to schedule the excursions for us to have the best possible conditions.