Licenses & Trail passes

We sell the licenses you need to get by in Ammarnäs.

At Ammarnäs Guidecenter, you can buy all the licenses except for the special stretches Sjöforsen, Järnforsen, Övreforsen and Ammarnäs nedre.
Photo: Johan Borgström, 2013 - Sunset over a magic mountain water

Fishing license

Ammarnäs public

Ammarnäs public license is the conventional license that applies for the lower part of Tjulån, Vindelån up to Rävfallet and the Vindel River from Sjöforsen’s lower limit all the way up to the stretch Ovan Järnforsen.

Ammarnäs lower

This is a quota license valid for The Vindel River between Sjöforsen’s lower limit to Järnforsen/Kraddsele’s upper limit during the period 25th of August to the end of the fishing on the 14th of September. Ammarnäs nedre then replaces Ammarnäs public license altogether within this area. The stretch is instead on quota to twelve licenses per day and only available by one-day license.

Rowing boat in the Vindel River

There is a rowing boat by the stretch of smooth water Ottosmoraselet that fishermen can rent. The boat is located downstream of the old suspension bridge and ideal for those who want to fish on the other side of the river.

Special stretches

Sjöforsen, Järnforsen and Övreforsen are special stretches within Ammarnas FCA and Kraddsele SFF. The stretches are known to offer extra good fishing for Ammarnäs Trout. The rapid, Sjöforsen, is also perhaps the best place in Ammarnäs to get in contact with the big grayling that are holding both the neck and further down the rapid.

Övre sandsele

The fishing licenses for Övre Sandsele cost: one day 100 SEK, 3 days 250 SEK, 1 week 400 SEK and season license 800 SEK + 200 SEK per accompanying person. The licenses can be purchased directly at Guidecenter before departure from Ammarnäs.


The fishing licenses for Grannäs Risnäs SFF cost: one day 70 SEK, 3 days 150 SEK, 1 week 350 SEK and season license 500 SEK. They can be purchased directly at Guidecenter before departure from Ammarnäs.

The State’s Mountain fishing license

The Mountain fishing license is bought directly at the County Administrative Board website. Should you miss this, we can assist with a computer at Guidecenter but remember that you have to pay with Visa/Mastercard on the county website.

You need the Mountain fishing license if you’ll go fishing in the upper parts of the creek Tjulån, the Vindel River between Rävfallet and Vitnjul, Karsbäcken and mountain lakes like Geppejaure and the tarn, Näsbergstjärn. Some other mountain lakes like Raksjauratje and Mittibergtjärn are also included in the State's license but most mountain lakes are exemption waters which may not be fished.

Always check with us at Guidecenter before heading up into the mountains to fish so you don’t accidentally end up in closed exemption waters.