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Great accommodation in Ammarnäs

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Cottages in Ammarnäs

Rönnvägen 3

Nice cottage situated in a holiday village one kilometer from the Guidecenter and Ammarnäs Livs. Within walking distance to both Tjulån and the ski slope.

Winter: 9,500 kronor per week or 1,850 kronor per day.
Summer: 8,500 kronor per week or 1,750 kronor per day.

Two bedrooms and a loft, totaling six beds.
Dining area
Shower & toilet
Drying cupboard

Kungsledenvägen 10

Nicely situated cottage by the lower part of Tjulån, offering excellent fishing for grayling and trout. Walking distance to Ammarnäs Livs and Guidecenter
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Winter: 9,500 kronor per week or 1,850 kronor per night
Summer: 8,500 kronor per week or 1,750 kronor per night

Three bedrooms with six beds
Living room
Shower & toilet


Centrally located cottage on Måsvingevägen with walking distance to everything in the village and close to fishing in Tjulån. Stuga Olofsson maintains a very high standard.

Winter: 9,500 kronor per week or 1,850 kronor per night
Summer: 8,500 kronor per week or 1,750 kronor per night

Two bedrooms plus a loft
Double bed, sofa bed, and loft with mattress
Kitchen & living room
Wood-fired sauna
Grill hut

Bergvägen 40

A slightly simpler cottage at the top of Bergvägen with seven sleeping spots. Close to the ski slope, lovely for sitting outside in the sun, and completely free from disruptive internet. Perfect for a slightly larger group of fishermen in the summer or a skiing family in the winter.

Winter: 9,500 kronor per week or 1,850 kronor per night
Summer: 8,500 kronor per week or 1,750 kronor per night

Two bedrooms plus guest cottage
Total of seven sleeping spots
Toilet & shower
No Wi-Fi

Cottage 22

On Bergvägen is Cottage 22 with two bedrooms plus a loft. Fully equipped with kitchen, shower and toilet.

The cottage has fiber and wifi. On the outside is the nice wood-burning sauna.

Cabin 22 is rented out in the summer. The price is SEK 8,500 for a week or SEK 1,750 per day.

Cottage Rönnvägen 12

This is a semi-detached house, 47 square meters each. 6 beds per cabin and 2 bedrooms. Kitchen with living room, sofa and dining area, fully equipped except dishwasher. Sauna, toilet and shower room. Cloakroom with drying cabinet. TV with hdmi, scart and USB. Engine heater outlet. South-facing balcony with mountain view.

200m to the Slalombacken & Dalstugan, 150m to the gas station, 800m to the Hotel/Restaurant, 900m to the Guidecenter/Bistro, 1km to the shop, cross-country ski track outside the cabin and scooter trail next to the cabin. Smoking outdoors and pets are not allowed.

Winter SEK 9,500 per week and SEK 1,850 per day
Summer SEK 8,500 per week and SEK 1,750 per day
Ask about the price if you want to rent both cottages

Kungsledsvägen 16 (The small cottage)

Small cottage with outdoor terrace, kitchen, bunk bed plus sofa bed and Wi-Fi. The cabin is very nicely located by Tjulån and is perfect for grayling fishermen who want to be within walking distance of the fishing.

The small cottage is rented out in the summer and costs SEK 4,600 per week.

Kungsledsvägen 16 (The big cottage)

This lovely cottage with lakeside property is located by the shore of Tjulån with an incredible view of the mountains. Fishing is possible just 50 meters from the house, and the Kungsleden trail starts nearby. Very comfortable accommodation with a fully equipped kitchen, cozy living room with a fireplace, two bedrooms with four beds, and a bathroom with a shower. Walking distance to a store and restaurant. Fiber and wifi are available in the cottage.

The large cottage at Kungsledsvägen 16 is rented out during the summer and costs 8,500 SEK per week.

The daily rent is 1,750 SEK.

Leo's cottage

Leo's cottage is located right by Tjulån in an undisturbed location within walking distance to the village. A dream location for grayling fishermen. Two bedrooms with a total of six beds, living room and kitchen and toilet with shower.

Leo's cottage is rented out during the summer for 8,500 SEK per week and during the winter for 9,500 SEK per week.

Birger's cottage

At the foot of Potatisbacken there is a charming older cottage in the old and quiet part of Ammarnäs with a view of Tjulån, Gautsträsk and the mountain Ribovardo. Sit at the table and watch the fish watch in Tjulån or the birds pass by outside the window. Easily take the scooter or skis from the cabin and enjoy fishing or skiing on the mountains or in the birch forest.

Fully equipped and internally modern cabin for 2 people with kitchen, wifi, shower and wood-burning stove.

Birger's cottage is rented out during the summer. The price is 8,500 SEK for one week or 1,850 SEK per day.