Fish with family & friends

We bring the whole family to an experience

A pause from the fishing with some extra food for the hungry ones.
Photo: Mikael Båth, 2015 – The Ställman family with friends at Giertsbäcken

Family & Friends

Grayling fishing

We have considerable experience working with young people and beginners, which is ideal for families where perhaps only one or two are familiar with angling.

Usually we go to a nice grayling water where experienced as well as beginners can have a really fun fishing. We help out with everything needed and see to that everyone in the group is enjoying themselves.

Of course, we cook over an open fire in the muurikka and make sure the coffee pot is running, fishing should be an enjoyable experience.

Char fishing in mountain lakes

Many visitors have char fishing high up on their wishing list, and we at Guidecenter always try to meet our guests' desires.

The tarn Näsbergstjärn is approximately at 700 meters above sea level in fine birch forest with wonderful views towards the mountain Ammarfjället. We walk up to the lake and naturally carry good food and drink to make our day.

When you move up the mountain, you’re more exposed to the weather and we plan our fishing day according to current conditions to optimize our fishing.