Hiking in the Vindel Mountains

The Vindel Mountains Nature Reserve offers endless possibilities for hikers.
Photo: Mikael Båth, 2015 – The Syter peaks with lots of snow left

Hiking - Our trails

The surrounding trails

The surrounding trails are perfect for those who want to stay in the village and go for day tours with really light packs.

We have ten different surrounding tracks with some varying difficulty so you can choose a trail that is as strenuous as you wish every day. If your body is a bit worn, you choose an easy trail, if your legs feel refreshed maybe a somewhat more difficult trail is the right choice for the day.

At Guidecenter, you find both maps of the trails and can get tips from our competent staff.

The Vindelvaggi trail, Ammarnas-Vindelkroken-Krokstrand

The Vindelvaggi trail goes from Ammarnäs to Krokstrand in Norway but we normally recommend that you hike to Vindelkroken and then back to Ammarnäs.

Along the trail there are cabins within easy walking distance so you don’t need to carry a tent if you don’t want to. The Vindelvaggi trail follows the Vindel River upstream from Ammarnäs and mainly passes through the birch forest.

The cabins along the trail are Rävfallet, Vitnjul, Mankeforsen, Dalavardo and Vindelkroken. The distance between the cabins is just a bit more than ten kilometres so you might skip one or two cabins during the hike. Equally this is a splendid distance for those who want to hike with smaller children, and then you preferably stop by each cabin. It’s about a hundred kilometres to Vindelkroken and back to Ammarnäs.

We suggest that you start your first day after lunch by taking a taxi up to Höbäcken and then placidly hike up to Rävfallet that’s just seven kilometres away. Of course we can pick you up at Höbäcken when you get back.

Kungsleden, Ammarnäs-Hemavan

Kungsleden passes Ammarnäs and the hike between Ammarnäs and Hemavan is treasured by many. The distance is about eighty kilometres and there are cabins within comfortable day hikes along the entire trek.

If you hike to Hemavan from Ammarnäs you pass STF's cabins in the following order: Aigertstugan, Servestugan, Tärnasjöstugan, Syterstugan and finally Viterskalsstugan. Once in Hemavan you can take the helicopter back to Ammarnäs on one of the regular flights. This flight is relatively inexpensive and it's an experience to fly over the area you’ve just hiked for several days.

All necessary maps are of course available at Guidecenter so just drop by if you need to supplement.