Ammarnäs Trout

We help you find the Ammarnäs Trout

It sends chills through the body when an Ammarnäs Trout takes the fly.
Photo: Ulf Johansson, 2005 - The evening settles over the Ammarnäs Trout


Night Guided tours with food from the muurikka

We meet at Guidecenter in the evening and have a cup of coffee while we discuss the tactics for the night. At Guidecenter we go through the choice of flies and other important factors to make the night’s fishing as comfortable as possible.

Once everything is in place, we head down to the river carrying rods and Muurikka. Your guide will help you to the best spots during the late evening and night hours. We eat and have a nice time together during the fishing session.

We can’t guarantee that you catch an Ammarnäs Trout since you just don’t go down to the river and “collect them”. We can, on the other hand, guarantee that you with our help have the best possible prerequisite to succeed in the summer night.

Day fishing in the summer

Of course you can fish for Ammarnäs Trout during at midday in July, we’ve proven that several times in recent years. The fish are there!

Some of our guests buy a Spot On-guided tour that is totally dedicated to fishing for the Ammarnäs Trout. Other guests combine Spot On with a few hours of fishing with one of our experienced guides. By expanding the more theoretical guidance, which Spot On means, with practical fishing you get an awesome introduction to fishing for the Ammarnäs Trout.

Call and talk to us at Guidecenter and we’ll help you find what suits you best.


Dawn Fishing in the autumn fog

After the dark autumn hours the trout begin to move and then they’re they easier to get in touch with. We leave Guidecenter when it’s still dark and prepare the equipment so that everything is ready when dawn breaks.

It’s often bitter in the morning and we'll make sure to have a fire, hot drinks and sandwiches available between the fishing sessions. By 10-11 o’clock, we head back to Guidecenter where we analyze the morning's fishing, and hopefully look at the pictures we’ve taken of Ammarnäs Trout during the morning hours. A tough fishing that often pays off.