Mankeforsen 2024

Fantastic trout fishing far upstream in the Vindel River

Photo: Henrik Kure, 2023 - Lower part of Mankeforsen
Made available by Destination Ammarnäs via the County Administrative Board, Länsstyrelsen

Unique river in the wilderness

3 days at Mankeforsen


Mankeforsen is a part of the Vindel River, approximately four miles upstream from Ammarnäs. Here, we fish for trout in both the flowing waters and calmer pools along a 10-kilometer stretch. The inlet and outlet of the rapids often offer a trout fishing experience one will not soon forget. The river is wadable at Mankeforsen, allowing us to fish on both sides of the river.

We stay in the cabin at the outlet of the rapids. The cabin is well-equipped with real beds and a stove that ensures we stay warm and comfortable regardless of the weather. There's a great barbecue area outside the cabin where we prepare most of our meals.

Mankeforsen returns as a destination in 2024 and is a much-anticipated comeback for both your guests and us at Guide Center."

Day 1
We fly out to Mankeforsen by helicopter from Biergenis in the morning. Upon arrival, we move into the cabin and prepare for fishing. The summer light allows us to adjust to the feeding times of the fish and our own stamina. As dusk settles in, the larger fish often emerge right outside the cabin.

Day 2
Depending on conditions, we fish in the nearby area or hike up to the inlet, attempting an exciting dry fly fishing experience for sizable trout. The fishing in the vicinity of our base camp is excellent, so there's no need to spend time on hiking if one prefers not to. The essential thing is that we enjoy ourselves. Naturally, we cook our meals over an open fire outside the cabin, using a large proportion of local ingredients to enhance our wilderness living experience. The coffee pot is never far away.

Day 3
We continue fishing during the morning, either nearby or a bit farther away if energy permits. After lunch, we pack up everything for the helicopter journey and tidy up the cabin. Once everything is in order, we proceed with fishing in the nearby area until it's time to fly back home.

Price 2024
The trip costs 12,500 SEK per person for a group of three and 15,000 SEK per person for a group of two. The price includes transportation to and from the helicopter from Ammarnäs, a helicopter journey to and from Mankeforsen, all meals during the stay, and a fishing guide with extensive experience in fishing in the Ammarnäsfjällen region. All necessary permits to fish far upstream in the Vindel River are also included in the price.