Snowmobile safari 2017/2018

Join a snowmobile safari this winter!

Snowmobile safariby day or night, you choose
Photo: Peter Schmitt, 2016 -A break on the mountain along the trail

By snowmobile on the mountain

Come with us on the high mountains

We arrange both day trips and evening trips depending on what you as a guest wish.

A glorious winter day with amazing views, or an eveningtripwith the moon and the northern lights as company. Whateveryou choose, it becomes magical.

If you have a snowmobile license you drive yourself. Otherwise we have sleds that you ride comfortably in, well protected from the elements.

Cooked food on day trips

On the day trips we cook food over an open fire on a Muurikka. We naturally serve hot drinks on all our tours.

Should you rent a snowmobile and other equipment we’ll arrange everything for you in advance so that the day runs smoothly without delays.

Our tours are a great opportunity for anyone who is just a bit interested in photographing to take pictures that will be memories for life.

Price 2017/2018

The price for a day trip with guide and food for two persons is 4500 SEK. For each additional person joining an extra 200 SEK is added for food and drink.

To rent a snowmobile it costs 1200 SEK plus petrol.

If you need clothes to get by on the winter mountain a complete equipment costs 350 SEK per person.