Cycling & running

Multisport in the Vindel Mountain’s Nature

On the larger trails you can keep a high tempo.
Photo: Mikael Båth, 2014 - Mountain biking above Ammarnäs past Mittibergtjärn



Our guide Andre's an elite athlete and can guide most people on the level they desire. Our guided bike tours are preferably on the major trails of the Nature Reserve and sometimes on hiking trails if it's not too wet.

In addition to an excellent guide, you’ll experience the breathtaking nature that the Vindel Mountains has to offer. Crystal-clear air, free spaces and a great challenge for the body.

Our tip is that you don’t challenge André sice he has a nasty habit of winning. :)


Come to Ammarnäs and run on our 12 different local trails or any of the other trails. If you want company, we naturally have André on site who knows every small path by heart. We have a number of options in our guide packages for you to get the right experience when you visit us in Ammarnäs.

There are next to infinite options for runners in Ammarnäs and the Vindel Mountains. You never run the same route twice, unless you want to.

Call us at Guidecenter and we’ll help you plan your visit to Ammarnäs.