Spot on - An Introduction

An experienced guide showing the neighbourhood

Help from a good introduction will save you lots of time in your fishing.
Photo: Mikael Båth, 2015 - A fisherman in Tjulån try a stream edge for grayling

Spot on

Where do I fish?

Even experienced fishermen sometimes have difficulties reading new waters and knowing where to spend their time. If you’re not that experienced, you could spend most time of the holiday looking for the fish.

The staff at Guidecenter has worked with introductory guiding - Spot on - in Ammarnäs for many years. The guides know their waters and how they change with different water levels and weather conditions. It’s this knowledge that you as a guest benefit from during the tour.

We tell you where to spend time whether you’ll fish for grayling, char, trout or Ammarnäs Trout.

After years of your own fishing you can go straight past some parties, which you as our guest also should, to get the most of your time with us in Ammarnäs.

How do I fish?

Step number two is to know how to fish the sections of our waters where there hopefully is fish that is keen to bite.

The fish are in completely different places depending on whether the water is high, low or normal. When we go through our areas, we point out various good spots in detail. If a site fails, we tell you where you should try instead. It's not every day that you can just go out and bring in the fish. Some work is needed, and that’s probably a good fortune to keep us interested.

Usually we talk some about which equipment that’s best for different locations and fishing techniques.

Which flies should I use?

The last item to succeed with your fishing is to use the right flies. Usually a group of flies do the job for several weeks, so it is mostly about which specific flies to bring when you go fishing.

We know what we are talking about and have fished with hundreds of different patterns over the years. The best flies are of course available for sale at Guidecenter so you can always supplement your fly box.

Depending on whether you’ll be fishing for trout in streaming water or in a mountain lake, grayling in Tjulån, char or Ammarnäs Trout you must adapt the choice of flies and we go through the valid patterns at that particular time and for the fishing you have in mind.

A normal Spot on takes about two hours and then we cover the lower parts of Tjulån and the Vindel River within Ammarnäs FCA. If you want us to make a trip up Vindelån or further down in the Vindel River, of course we’ll do that but expect it to be a bit more time consuming. Ask us if you are hesitant.