Our guides

Mikael Lindström

Magnus Engdahl

Magnus has many years of experience from the Vindelfjäll area regarding grouse hunting with a standing bird dog. He has around 100 hunting days annually with his hunting test-qualified Pointers and works from August 25 to March 15 when he is stationed in Ammarnäs.

Magnus and Guidecenter's ambition is to conduct grouse hunting in a long-term and sustainable way where a viable bird stock is sought. Much of this takes place in close cooperation with the Sami villages in the area.

The goal on every hunting occasion is to create harmony between nature, hunters and dogs.

Stefan Siikavaara

Stefan is of great help to all char fishermen with his knowledge of where the big fish dwell in Ammarnäs, Kraddsele and Sandsele.

The Vindel River has become something of Stefans own paradise that he visits with his partner Anna-Karin as often as possible.

Stefan has guided tours for both char fishing and our special tours in the Vindel River.

Peter Schmitt

Peter has his heart and soul with char fishing fishing but is just as skillful at the Ammarnäs Trout and mountain fishing. Over the years, Peter has led countless guided tours and his attention to service is well known among our guests.

During the summer, Peter manages many of our Spot on guides tours where we scan the neighborhood and talk about where it’s worth spending time fishing. Peter is also a champion at choosing the right fly at the right time, so don’t hesitate to ask when you meet him in the village.

Peter first came to Ammarnäs 20 years ago and was immediately struck by both the fishing and the village. He has now been living in Ammarnäs since 2003 and operates Ammarnäs Guidecenter AB. Sometimes he disappears on mountain rescue missions but most times you’ll get in touch with Peter who always has the phone in his pocket.

If you need to get reach Peter, call +46 (0)70 695 41 92.

Anna-Karin Viklund

Anna-Karin also knows her where the big fish are within Ammarnäs, Kraddsele and Sandsele.

She visits the Vindel River together with Stefan as often as possible.

Anna-Karin has guided tours for both char fishing and our special tours in the Vindel River together with Stefan.

Nils Karlsson

Nils first came to Ammarnäs by the end of the seventies when he arranged camps for student teachers. He worked with that for about 20 years.

Six years ago he got in more serious contact with the bird life in Ammarnäs. During a guided tour with the teachers and children from Ammarmnäs’ school they suddenly spotted the rare and endangered lesser white-fronted goose. ”They’re here every year”, said the techers. That made Nils get into business.

Around the 20th of May he has, together with Christer Olsson, arranged a bird safari and the result has been remarkable. The lesser white-fronted goose has occurred every year and yet another 75 – 85 species in the Ammarnäs’ surroundings.

For bird watching Ammarnäs is a gem.

Since ten years back Nils is also cottage host for STF:s Serve cottage.

Sven-Bertil Grundström

Sven-Bertil is in charge of our cross country skiing together with André. He’s born and raised in Ammarnäs and cross country skiing has always been his life’s vocation.

Sven-Bertil still performs at a high level so you’ll have to be keen to keep up.

Ulf Johansson

Ulf has a unique knowledge in mountain fishing and has been on hundreds of tours during the years.

His experience of fishing, accommodation and service on the mountain makes him the obvious first choice when going by helicopter in the wilderness.

Gunnar Lobell

William Schmitt